Welcome on my site! This is going to be my very first post (also the very first blog where I actually attempt to make something that’s at least a little bit good looking). I hope you guys like it, and feel free to add comments about what you would like to see me blog about next!

I’ll introduce myself first,

My name is Marije Aarnink and I’m currently 19 years old. I live in the Netherlands (that’s why I suck at English sometimes but please forgive me). Things I like to do are: Photographing, Binge-watch Netflix, going out with friends and eat. I’ve been a competitive gymnast since I was 8 years old and I’m still in love with the sport.

I hope to travel the world one day so I can see all the cool places, meet new people and take a lot of pictures.

My next post is coming very soon so I hoop to see you then!

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