Instax Share SP-1

Today I want to talk about the Instax Share SP-1, a very tiny polaroid printer that I recently bought.

I’ve always wanted a polaroid camera but never bought it because of the expensive film you have to put in it. I’m the kind of person that has to take like a thousand pictures before there is one that I like a little bit. With a polaroid camera you just get one try and if you mess it up it kind of sucks…

So I searched the internet for a while and I found the Instax Share SP-1. This tiny polaroid printer connects to your smartphone with an app and allows you to pick wich picture you want to print out. Perfect for me, so I ordered one…….

2 days later it already arrived, so I immediately tried it out. I installed the app, connected the printer to my phone and searched for a picture that was worthy of printing it out. Printing the picture takes about 6 or 7 seconds but it takes a while before the picture appears on the film. The result was a (for a polaroid) very clear picture and I’m sold!

Later I found out that the SP-1 is an older version of the Instax printers. There is an SP-2 in white/gold and silver/white. Mine is completely white with the tiniest blue details. I’m not sure what is the benefit of the SP-2 but I think the app of that one has more edit options or the polaroids come out even clearer. I could find out by buying one, but I’m not going to because the SP-1 works perfectly fine for me.

If you have any questions about the Instax Share SP-1 feel free to leave a comment with your question and maybe I’ll have an answer!

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