Room Decor

Today I want to talk about room decor. Recently I changed the colour of the walls in my room, and I got to redecorate everything. My room used to be light green with some pink here and there because that was also the colour of my curtains. Since I’m 19, I found that the pink was al little bit childish. 

I went to a store and bought some light grey curtains and off-white paint. After the painting and hanging up the curtains, I went to several stores to find some cute room decor.

The first things I bought where some copper clips and a sort of rack for all of my polaroids. I also found a really cool alarm clock, a candle light holder, a vase and a really pretty pink flower. Put them all together and you get something like this…

The next thing I got to redecorate was my desk. For my desk I bought a cactus made of wire, a scented candle, a little ceramic pineapple and a golden fox. The theme of my bedroom is minimalistic. So I really wanted to keep the colors black, white and grey. But I also wanted to add a pop of colour.

I also found a really big mug with some cool words on it… I have no time for your negative bullshit! The mug was the perfect size for all my pens and pencils, so I used it as a pen holder and it looks really cute!

The last thing I had to decorate were my walls. I found some free printables of banana leaves on pinterest, so I printed them out. I bought some cheap frames for them and hung them up above my desk. I’m really pleased with the result!

That was pretty much it for my room decor. Thinking about what to post next… Any suggestions?

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