I♡MAKEUP blush and highlighter

Today I bought the “I♡MAKEUP” blush and highlighter, and I will review them down below!

First I want to talk about the packaging because it’s absolutely stunning! Both are packaged in a heart shaped box. The actual blush and highlighter are in the gold part of the box and it depends on what you buy for the to half. The top of the blush is pink and the top of the highlighter is white as you can see in the picture down below!

Now about the blush… The blush comes in different kinds of colors but I bought the Triple Baked Blusher – Iced Hearts. As you can see in the picture down below this blush has a light gold, a pink and a kind of brown shimmery colour. I did swatch them on my arm but I forgot to take a picture of it. It actually really shows without being to much in your face if you know what I mean. 

Now the highlighter! I really really really love this one. It’s the perfect color for my skin. Previous highlighters that I owned where either to light or to dark for my skin and it looked really silly. The highlighter I bought is the Triple Baked Highlighter – Goddess of Faith!

You can buy the I♡MAKEUP blusher and highlighter on this website!

Thanks for reading and see you soon with a new post!

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